Frequently asked questions

Stand By Me is a portal made available to the end customer to register their Split, Multisplit and Daikin Altherma solutions, manage warranty issues and activate available packages. Through the SBM - Stand By Me, you can follow all the information about the installer that accompanies it, to clarify any doubts or problems related to your Daikin equipment, through a personalized service.
Just register your unit in Stand By Me.

To benefit from the various advantages it is necessary to register your Split, Multisplit and Daikin Altherma unit and provide your personal data. In this way it is possible to perform a more efficient, fast and personalized service in situations that require intervention from your service partner or parts request.

When you want to complete a registration on Stand-By-Me, you need to sign up first. You can do this by using the registration button on the website. This opens a pop-up screen where you will be choosing an e-mail address and password for your new account, then complete your remaining info on the following pop-up screens.

Once you have completed this, a validation mail will be sent to your account to verify this is really you. When you have validated your e-mail address by clicking the link in the mail, you will be redirected to Stand-By-Me and you are ready to start your installation registration.

In case you use a social logon option (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter) there is no need to validate your e-mail address but you will need to log on once you have completed the registration flow in the pop-up screens.

A Daikin service partner is an installer who has a strong knowledge of Daikin products, experience in installing, servicing and repairing Daikin air conditioning systems.
By registering your drive in the SBM, the installer of your drive may automatically become your service partner. This service partner will be responsible for carrying out all future maintenance and / or repair of your unit. Being connected to a specific service partner ensures that you know who to contact for technical support. Moreover, since it will be the same partner who will take care of your unit, it is in his interest to continuously provide you with a high quality service.

The partner who installed your unit can track you from the beginning. He knows the installation, the actual conditions, the technical interventions and the history of maintenance of the unit to the detail. He, better than anyone else, can provide the best advice and a much more fluid coordination. Additionally, keeping you as a service partner in the maintenance of your facility will also have with you who knows the other equipment that make up the entire facility.

We always aim to satisfy our consumers in the best possible way, including helping you in case you want to change your service partner. However, keep in mind the explanations presented in the 2 previous points, why we encourage to keep the same entity that installed the equipment as a service partner.
If for reasons of force majeure you still wish to change your service partner, you should contact Daikin at If this happens, we would also ask you to provide us with a clear and detailed explanation of why you made that choice. Upon receiving the request by email, Daikin will handle the situation with you and the service partner and we will contact you directly.

With your unit registered in the SBM portal, indicating the date of installation, the system automatically schedules the maintenance dates. These can then be verified whenever you access your account in the SBM. In addition, you will receive e-mail reminders regarding the approximation of maintenance actions, your service partner will also receive the same alerts, the first reminder one week before the occurrence and a second three days before. Your service partner will contact you to confirm the date and time that best suits you.

The warranty extension is an additional warranty period after the end of the legal warranty period. Thus, it means you receive an additional 6 months of warranty on parts in your Split, Multisplit and Daikin Altherma equipment. Always maintaining the same conditions (if not described otherwise).

The maintenance contract is available for any Daikin Altherma Heat Pump model.

This provides 4 maintenance visits, to be carried out at the end of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th years of operation of the equipment, respectively. This contract has a total value of €660, and its payment can be made in full when activating the offer or in €165/visit installments.

With the activation of this maintenance contract, Daikin Portugal offers to the End Customer an extension of the warranty for a total of 5 years to the equipment in question (starting from the commissioning date).

In order to benefit from this offer, the installation of the Heat Pump must be registered on the Stand By Me Portal.