Warranty extension

Register your unit and get extra warranty for free

Extend your basic warranty for free

Register your unit and receive 6 months extended warranty for free. Check with your installer if he input your commissioning document on the Stand By Me webshop and complete your registration with the commissioning code you receive from him or via the email link sent to your mail box. If you have not received the code please follow the registration indication to register the unit.

Daikin Solutions

We are at your disposal to study the best solution for you, including a big wide range of services which include: supplying Daikin units, control systems, maintenance programmes, among others. These are Daikin Solutions which will give you better economic and environmental results.


  • You can extend your warranty up to 6 months more in spare parts and labour
  • Technical Service to follow the law
  • Priority treatment from our installers


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